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8 Mile Rock
An underwater pinnacle over 8 nautical miles south from Koh Lipe.
Maximum depth 45m – Minimum depth 16m
Certification requirements: Advanced Open Water Diver.

This is one of Koh Lipe’s most famous dive sites due to frequent whaleshark sightings. Even without whalesharks it's a great dive site. Since it is out at sea there are a lot of pelagic fish such as trevallies, mackerel, tuna and barracuda.  Reef fish such as snappers, fusiliers, lion fish and scorpion fish are present and a closer inspection will reveal shrimps in the rock crevices and maybe some nudibranchs amongst the beautiful yellow daisy corals, which cover the rocks.  Leopard sharks are frequently around and somehwere from the deep an enormous giant groupers might surprise you. Huge schools of Batfish sometimes appear and if you’re lucky a spectacular devil or manta ray.
As this excellent site is far from the marine park, we always plan for 2 dives, to increase the chance of seeing something special. The top of the pinnacle starts at 16m; it’s a deep dive and can pass quickly, but even in a short time there’s a lot to see.  Strong currents (more fish!) are frequent and conditions can be choppy on the surface; if you are a nervous swimmer this site may not be for you.
We often complete the PADI "Deep Diver" speciality course here as well as the "Multi Level Diver" speciality course and the Advanced course.

8 Mile Rock diving map
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