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The Yong Hua chinese Wreck

A big cargo ship which sank around the end of the 1990s.

Maximum depth 42m – Minimum depth 28m
Certification requirements: Advanced Open Water Diver.

The wreck lies on a flat sandy bottom and usually gets strong currents, which you hardly notice once you reach the bottom and find yourself protected by the wreck. Because the sand is blown around by the current the visibility is sometimes no more than a few meters.

So why would people still want to dive here? The challenge of diving deep in different conditions as well as the great atmosphere of this divesite makes it well worthwhile! There’s a good chance to see giant barracudas as well as big schools of fusiliers and snappers. There are always lionfish suspended over the wreck and you may find some scorpionfish.

The top of the wreck is overgrown with soft corals, black corals and gorgonians. There is a huge giant grouper who lives here and you might be lucky enough to see this monster. This divesite is perfect for the PADI "Wreck Diver" specialty course as well as the “Deep Diver“ course and the Advanced course.

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