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Koh Talang Wall

Maximum depth 25m
Certification requirements: Open Water Diver.

This small round island situated 10min to the East of Koh Lipe, next to Stonehenge is a great playground for beginners and certified divers.

The fringing reef is composed mostly of very healthy hard corals growing on granite rocks. The only deeper part of the reef is situated on the East side of the island. The other sides are much shallower and are perfect for beginners courses. It is possible to drift from Koh Talang to Stonehenge with the right tidal currents.

Marine life here is less rich that in neighboring Stonehenge but still moss of the tropical reef fishes can be seen here. Look for small creatures like Seahorses, Ghost pipe fishes and Nudibranchs. Leopard sharks and Sting rays can be seen sometimes on the sand.

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